"Project Share – Before And After"

“Before and After – Projects“ is an essential tool for companies, professionals, tradesmen, etc. by enabling you to capture before and after photos of client projects. It allows you to easily communicate your company’s successful project results by sharing both before and after images in a simple, easy to read document via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail etc…. It also offers a unique tracking tool to store client and/or project data such as name, address, phone number, e-mail, client image, etc …

“Before and After – Projects“ enables you to enter multiple projects per client. This makes it easy to quickly view all projects that were completed, or are in progress, for a given client.

For each individual client project you are able to:
– Enter overall project notes.
– Choose two before images.
– Choose two after images.
– Choose existing photos from photo library, or snap pictures with the integrated camera.
– Save the image to your library, if desired.
– Enter notes for each image.
– Share project results via e-mail.
– Share project results via Facebook or Twitter at the click of a button.

“Before and After – Projects“ allows for a customized, professional feel to all your outgoing marketing materials through the ability to enter your company information (name, custom logo, etc.) that is automatically inserted on all e-mails and social media posts.

“Before and After – Projects“ is perfect for:
– Construction
– Remodeling
– Auto Body Repair
– Car Restoration
– Cosmetics
– Makeovers
– Hairstylists
– Weight Loss Progress

“Before and After – Projects“ is also perfect for storing before and after shots of personal projects of any kind!

All data is stored in a database that is located on the iPhone, so network access is not necessary. Simply share your results when you have gained access to a network. You can also just use the application to store information about your clients & projects for future personal reference.

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